Sunday, June 16, 2013

52 Poems to Adam: "Papa"

On this Father's Day I decided to write a poem in part for the father that Adam didn't have a chance in this life to be and in part for all the fathers in my life I know and love. As I wrote this poem, I was inspired by several father/son duos in my own family who encompass all the aspects of fatherhood. One of those duos is my brother Ben and his son Sean, another is my brother Joseph and his son Bryson. And my own father and any one of his sons (or daughters). Lastly, it's how I envision it would have been for Adam and Jeffrey, how it was for them the small amount of time they had together.

This is to all you fathers, for your love, dedication, and care:


"Dad & Little Buddy": Dad and Andrew


Still a child
Staring up with wide eyes
Seeing his hero
Bigger than life
Stronger than everyone
Than the world

Learning to walk toward that booming

Beckoning voice
Strong hands picking him up
After a fall
After a failure

Imitating him
His hero
With his toy hammer
Eager to be big
Like him
And help

Perched on the knee of a giant

Hearing stories
About life
Lessons learned through experience
And heartache
And faith

Working alongside

A master workman
Learning about devotion
And persistence
And sweat
And pride

Attached to his best buddy

Who holds him so easily
Tossing him up
Catching him
Always catching him

Loving him through life

That solid, constant presence
A rock in the wild waters of change
Always there
Appearing when needed
A father
A papa's love and care

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