Friday, June 7, 2013

52 Poems to Adam: "If I Could Write You"

It's that time again: another Adam poem.

I wrote this poem after pondering the first line in my head for several days now: "If I could write you." It seemed a fitting thought, with all the writing I do. The best thing about being a writer is the power to control worlds and people with your words. Of course, once you create a character, you have to step back and allow them to be what you created. And sometimes they do what you don't expect.

But Adam remained true to his character to the very end. Everything he did was "him" if that makes any sense. So here is a wordsmith's dearest wish: "If I Could Write You."

If I could Write You

If I could write you with words
Create you again
Blood and bones and body
Flowing from my pen
My heart
In streams of sentences and lines
That rebuild you
Stronger and better

If I could resuscitate you with language
Breathe life back into your lungs
With the words in my head
In my heart
Pulsing inside of you
Sustaining you

If I could fill your eyes with light
And the spark of life
Ignited from the power
Of this pen
On this paper
Words like fire
Burning from me
To you

If the poetry in my heart
Could become the life in yours
Keep you here
Bound here
In this world of words
And human emotions
And love

If I could unwrite your end
Edit out the pain
And suffering
Replace it with triumph and joy
And a hundred more years
And a happily ever after

If my words could alter reality and time
Change the world
Shift the course of your life
Remake you
Rewrite you
Just for a moment
I would

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