Friday, July 29, 2016

These Running Shoes of Mine...on the Jordan River Parkway

Sometimes you just need to shake up your routine a little (at least in the running world), so I went down to the Jordan River Parkway today. Honestly, usually I'm just to lazy to drive there—you know, as five miles is such a long distance—so I normally pound the same path and go slowly insane. I'm glad that this morning I was feeling a little more inspired. I ran a good seven miles despite the heat and humidity. The moisture just hangs around the river like a shroud, slowly suffocating you. However, it's generally cooler and less windy there than running along my ridge, so it was a small price to pay.

Plus, the scenery wasn't bad either. If you want to take a run or walk down the Jordan River Parkway, I encourage you to do it earlier before the humidity really hits like a sledgehammer. Unless you like that sort of misery, in which case...carry on.

Truth be told, I spent a ridiculously long time take pictures of ducks. Why you ask? Apparently living in the city has made me forget what animals look like. If I came across a cow, I'd probably take a picture of it too, and I grew up around them.

Actually, as I was watching the ducks I half-expected them to attack me and peck out my eyes. I've obviously been watching too many episodes of Zoo. Good news: birds have not yet risen up against their human overlords despite what Alfred Hitchcock would have us believe.

Come on, don't they just look like they're waiting to pounce?

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